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Multi-coloured nails: ideas and tips for a creative and en-vogue manicure

Hands up those of you who when standing before a myriad of nail polishes in countless kaleidoscopic colours, have ever ummed and ahhed over which one to choose? Luckily, the solution to this dilemma is even easier and more fun than we thought: if you're having trouble making up your mind, then rule no colour out

Although the classic single-hued manicure continues to enjoy endless popularity, creative alternatives are gaining momentum and multi-coloured nails are popping up on the hands of celebrities and influencers here, there and everywhere. Discover all our suggestions and treat yourself to a professional-looking manicure in the blink of an eye.


Classic two-tone manicure: two different nail polishes on the ring and little fingers

This is the less ‘daring’ option when it comes to multi-hued manicures: we are talking about the two-tone manicure, which involves the application of two different nail polishes on several nails and, in particular, on the ring and little fingers.

The natural evolution of the accent or ring manicure, this solution is incredibly easy to re-create; all you have to do is choose the colours that you wish to combine and voilà, you’re good to go! 

Naturally, you will need to follow a few basic rules to artfully apply your nail polish, prevent smudging and ensure that your work of art stays flawless for longer. 


Gradient manicure: wear all the nuances of your most beloved colour

Have a favorite colour? Perfect: use all the nuances, from the lightest to the darkest, to create a gradient manicure. 
The secret (and the only trick you’ll need to re-create it) lies in how you apply the nail polishes to the nails in a gradually shaded gradient scale. This way, the result will be both harmonious and irresistible. 


If you want, you can also use different shades, sticking however to the same colour family - you could, for instance, opt for a mauve-hued polish for one nail and then a subtle fuchsia, a coral, a pink and, last but not least, a nude for the others.


Ombré manicure: flaunt the faded effect on your nails

In principle, it’s the same popular shading technique used on hair. A trio of shades, from dark to light or contrasting, but without any obvious demarcations. The ombré or dégradé - call it what you will - trend has now gone on to secure a place in the nail art hall of fame, becoming a ‘craze’ to all intents and purposes.
Of the various types of multi-coloured manicure, this is probably the one that requires the most effort, precision and dexterity, yet satisfaction and success are guaranteed once the final layer of top coat has dried.

So, without further ado, these are our top tips to help you re-create an ombré manicure: 

-    Choose two nail polishes: the shades have to be different, but they can be contrasting or complementary - the choice is yours. The more different the colours are, the more intense and striking the effect will be. You will also need a clear nail polish to create the shading effect as explained below.

-    Apply two coats - to all your nails - of the colour that you have chosen as a base for your manicure.

-    Now, choose whether you want the shading to start from the top or the base and, very carefully, place the brush of the polish to be blended at the base or tip of the nail, making small droplets.

-    Trying to be as quick as possible so that the second shade of nail polish doesn’t dry, apply the clear nail polish and brush to blend the droplets, from the top downwards or vice versa. You can repeat this step several times, for a bolder result.

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