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KIKO has make-up brushes to suit every need. Explore our range of brushes for foundation, eyes and lips, as well as our all-in-one brush sets.

71 Results

Soft face cleansing brush

cleansing brush

34 reviews

Gentle brush cleanser

brush cleanser

182 reviews

5-brush travel pouch

travel brush set

270 reviews

Duo eye brush with synthetic fibres

charming escape 2-in-1 eye brush

1 review

Maxi sponge applicators

maxi eyeshadow applicators

16 reviews
Special Offer  

Eyelash and eyebrow brush

eyes 65 lash brush

7 reviews

Precision eyeliner brush

eyes 63 thin eyeliner brush

7 reviews

Horizontal-edge brush for eyeliner

eyes 61 graphic eyeliner brush

2 reviews

Pointed-tip brush for eyeshadows and pencils

eyes 60 pencil eye brush

3 reviews

Browse KIKO’s range of makeup accessories for face, eyes and hands. Professional products at the best prices! Shop online now!