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31 Results

lips 81 retractable lip brush

lips 80 flat lip brush

eyes 62 slanted eyeliner brush

eyes 52 powder shader brush

Special Offer  

eyes 65 lash brush

eyes 64 brow comb brush

eyes 63 thin eyeliner brush

eyes 61 graphic eyeliner brush

eyes 60 pencil eye brush

eyes 59 slanted blending brush

eyes 58 blending brush

eyes 55 base shader brush

eyes 54 smoky shader brush

eyes 53 precision shader brush

eyes 51 shader brush

eyes 50 sponge tip applicator


face 14 face and body brush

Special Offer  

face 11 contouring brush

face 01 concealer brush

face 13 kabuki brush

face 12 powder fan brush

Professional. High quality. Simple and efficient.

KIKO MILANO presents Brush Experts, 32 professional brushes designed to create limitless make-up looks. The new line, suitable for beginners and experts alike, is comprised of:

- 14 face brushes for an even, smooth and well-defined complexion; 
- 16 eye brushes for precisely outlining the eyes and creating elegant blended looks; 
- 2 lip brushes for meticulously outlining the lips.

Thanks to the new, high-quality natural and synthetic bristles, the products feel wonderful on your skin and the results rival that of professionals. The brushes pick up and release the right amount of product for an even and flawless result.

And applying make-up couldn’t be easier! The new matte black handle has an ergonomic, oval-shaped design that ensures a controlled application for flawless makeup in a flash. The brush’s elegant ferrule with a gunmetal finish and engraved KK monogram adds a classy touch.