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KIKO treatments are based on the premise that glamour and taking care of the face and body are inextricably related and are the result of the same passion for quality, continuous innovation and a single driving force: a passion for skin.

KIKO creams are synonymous with:

Technology: years of research and comparative analysis on the best formulas, latest- generation active ingredients and high-tech ingredients. KIKO keeps up with the latest discoveries in cosmetic research to offer products that are always unique and revolutionary.

Safety: KIKO Products undergo strict clinical safety testing to ensure that each formula is safe and reliable. All the skin care products are formulated and tested to ensure that they are hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic; treatments for the skin around the eye area are ophthalmologically tested.

Efficacy: one problem, one solution. one wish, one reality. The specific needs of women are the true source of inspiration for intelligent and highly strategic products that aim to satisfy all requirements with proven results.

Sensory Effect: Amazing, soft velvety textures, fresh and sophisticated fragrances ... Caring for the face and body provides moments of extreme well-being and is a feast for the senses.

Clarity: the cosmetics world is confusing and this often makes selecting a product difficult. The efficacy of KIKO treatments is proven, our directions are clear and our promises are corroborated by results.

Practicality: convenient sizes, modern and functional packaging are the distinctive features of essential and smart lines.

Luxury: the purest and most precious ingredients are coupled with a long research process aimed at identifying the most effective, pleasing and safe combination. Each product is developed with the utmost care and attention to detail, from the composition of the formula to the choice of packaging.

Preparation of the Make up: skin care products are made to enhance the performance and staying power of makeup. For perfect skin to wear every day.