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Whether you’re looking for a natural or striking make-up look, KIKO eyeliners are the perfect choice for you. Choose between a gel, liquid, pen or applicator eyeliner.

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Three (very important!) reasons to learn how to apply eyeliner

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Long-lasting eyeliner with a fine tip for maximum precision

micro tip eyeliner

1 review

Long-lasting and water-resistant eyeliner

winged eyeliner

0 reviews

Long-lasting liquid eyeliner

green me liquid eyeliner

7 reviews

High coverage water-resistant colourful liquid eyeliner

new super colour waterproof eyeliner

18 reviews
Best Seller

Liquid eyeliner with brush

definition eyeliner

111 reviews
Special Offer

Eye duo: eyebrow pencil and black eye pencil

charming escape eye&brow liner

3 reviews
Special Offer
Special Offer
Special Offer

Liquid eyeliner with a metallic sparkly finish

holiday gems sparkly eyeliner

8 reviews
Special Offer
Special Offer

Automatic eye pencil for the inner and outer eye

fruit explosion eye pencil

11 reviews
Special Offer

Full and accentuated lashes, eyelids adorned with light, glitter, cream and powder eyeshadows, eyeliner for a defined or retro makeup look and iconic eyebrows: make your eyes shine with KIKO MILANO eye makeup.