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How many times have you admired a celebrity's make-up and instantly wished that you too could have perfect and seductive lashes just like theirs? Would you also like to flaunt that profound gaze, yet don’t know where to begin?
Now, to let you in on the secret: becoming a star in the blink of an eye is possible if you learn how to apply mascara like a true make-up ninja!
This step-by-step (or lash-by-lash) tutorial will show you how to use mascara to achieve astonishing results.

Enhance your eyes with mascara!

Never forego enhancing your eyes for fear of not knowing how to apply mascara correctly! By following these steps, you’ll learn how to flawlessly apply your mascara, whilst also discovering the myriad of effects that can be achieved to bestow a new and bewitching light upon your eyes. In fact, did you know that it takes just a few precise touches with the mascara wand to obtain longer-looking or perfectly curled lashes? No doubt, you’re all now wondering how to use lengthening or curling mascara: let's find out how to achieve eye make-up that any celebrity would be proud of.

How to apply mascara: beauty tutorial

The time has come to discover how to best use your most precious beauty ally, mascara. Before applying your mascara, you’ll want to give your lashes a ‘more curved’ shape: use an eyelash curler to help you.

When using the wand, the most common mistake that we tend to make is to push it into the tube before pulling it out to coat the brush with product. The most effective technique, instead, is to slowly rotate the wand, so that it picks up just the right amount of pigment and product. Stand or sit in front of the mirror and start by applying the mascara in a zig-zag motion, starting from the base of the lashes and working upwards towards the tips.     
It's up to you how many coats you want to apply: the end result (longer-looking lashes or longer-looking volumized lashes) will depend on the number of times that you repeat this step. Avoid exaggerating though! Too many coats can weigh down your make-up and cause clumps - you’ll already know that with our mascaras it takes just a few coats to achieve an outstanding result!    
After applying mascara to the upper lashes, enhance your lower lashes using the same technique, but this time with a lighter touch, considering that the lower lashes are usually shorter and sparser.

Your mascara: lengthening, curling or volumizing 

Applying mascara to all your lashes, including the so-called outer ones (close to the corner of the eye), is the secret to achieving a harmonious result. And what about smudging? Fear not, soak a cotton bud in your favorite KIKO make-up remover and use it like you would a rubber, to ‘delete’ smudges without ruining the rest of your make-up.    
Choose the right product for you, whether that’s a volumizing, lengthening or curling mascara, and if you really want to turn heads, add a pair of false lashes.