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When you have to put some makeup on but you've run out of ideas, the answer is far easier than you think: it's all about blue eye makeup. It goes just as well with pale eyes as dark eyes, from blue to green or brown, and it won't be difficult to find the right outfit to go with it either. Choose a tone-on-tone look or classic black or cream. Which colour clothes should you avoid? Steer clear of reds and greens.

Light blue makeup for a daytime look

Light blue eyeshadows are an essential accessory in your beauty case, because they give you perfect and simple blue makeup to face the day at school or at work. Did you know, for example, that this is a great option for blue makeup for green eyes?
To create a makeup look in the palest shades of blue, apply a light blue eyeshadow to the eyelid and a slightly darker shade to the outer corner of the eye, then blend in well. To add a touch of light, apply a bright white eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eye and the eyebrow arch.
If you don't have time to change your look for the evening, you can transform your light blue eye makeup in just a few steps. All you need is a line of eyeliner and a volumising-effect mascara and in a few minutes you're ready for after-work drinks or a romantic dinner. If you've got more time to touch up your makeup for the evening, apply a purple eyeshadow in the crease of the eyelid and the outer corner and carefully blend.

Electric blue makeup to be at the centre of attention

Electric blue makeup to be at the centre of attention

When you've got a special night lined up and you want all eyes on you, go for magnetic makeup in electric blue tones. To do this you can use a shiny eyeshadow or shimmering eye pencils. Also try it on the lower lash line for a more intense gaze.
Let electric blue be the dominant colour of your makeup and carefully avoid pairing it with colours that are too vibrant. To do this makeup look, apply a soft black eye pencil to the crease of the eyelid and blend well with the blue.
Why not show off electric blue makeup for a daytime look too? The best way is to create a makeup look in neutral shades and apply a blue mascara.

Dark blue makeup: high-impact elegance

Dark blue makeup: high-impact elegance

Blue eye makeup in the darkest shades is perfect for a classic high-impact evening look. If you'd like to make it even more elegant, choose an opaque finish and pair it with a black volumising-effect mascara.
Ideas for blue makeup for brown eyes? The deepest shades of blue, such as ultramarine or sapphire, are perfect for creating a smoky eye look, a timeless classic that is even more sophisticated in blue and enhances dark eyes.
Create your blue makeup look with Smart Eyes and Cheeks Palette in the Blue Symphony shade. The colours are already perfectly matched and blend together easily, so you can get a complete makeup look in just a few minutes.

Get your makeup and your phone ready: take a photo of your look and share it using the hashtag #KIKOtrendsetters: take centre stage in the world of KIKO MILANO.


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