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The metallic effect is on trend, and KIKO MILANO has dedicated a limited edition line of products to it: Metal Fusion by KIKO pays tribute to the most glamorous makeup look of the moment.

The key word is light, a metallic light that every product helps to create, amplify and enhance.
The innovative hybrid textures surpass traditional limits by offering creamy powders and liquid consistencies. The finishes are super-metallic and ultra-bright, available in the most diverse shades to leave a resplendent veil on every type of complexion. The high concentrations of pearls help to reflect the light, while the sensorial formulas provide endless pleasure.

It is a line with a futuristic flavour, which dazzles upon first glance. The drops of light of the brand new Metal Fusion Highlighting Drops and the iridescent effect of the new 04 Unicorn Glow Fusion Powder Highlighter, which evokes the unicorn trend, enhance the skin with a dazzling effect; the pigments in the intense colour of the Metal Fusion Blush, the result of the brand new Fusion Technology, and the iconic Water Eyeshadows 200+208+234, the three-dimensional wet&dry eyeshadows with extraordinary purity – which on this occasion feature super-metallic colours – complete a sparkling look to show off at any time.

New Special Offer  

Powder highlighter

glow fusion powder highlighter

Instant colour eyeshadow

water eyeshadow - 200

Instant colour eyeshadow

water eyeshadow - 208

Instant colour eyeshadow

water eyeshadow 234

Application Tips

Apply Glow Fusion Powder Highlighter using the perfect brush for each area:
Face 08 Precision Powder Brush for
- the center of the forehead
- the bridge of the noise
- high cheekbone area
- chin

Eyes 56 Round Blending Brush for
- arch of the eyebrow
- the inner corner of the eye
- cupid's bow



Apply Metal Fusion Blush using the perfect brush and modulate its intensity:
Face 10 Blush Brush for
- cheekbone area

Round powder brush

face 08 precision powder brush

Tapered blush brush

face 10 blush brush