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The innocent

The innocent

Fresh looks and nude make-up emphasize to the maximum the pure, gentle character of The Innocent. A sensitive, innocent and mysterious woman who is difficult to resist.

The free spirit

The free spirit

The Free Spirit enchants with shimmering looks and radiant colours. Bright shades of eyeshadow, eyeliner, kajal and mascara create hypnotic eyes for this free, playful and spontaneous spirit.

The romantic

The romantic

Well-chosen points of light and rosy lips gracefully accentuate the features of a profound, feminine woman. The Romantic shines with an essence that conjures up sweet romantic dreams.

The temptress

The temptress

Well-defined, fire-engine red lips and perfect skin frame the face of an irresistible, passionate woman: The Temptress. A distinct personality that balances carefree sensuality with exuberant boldness.


Cushion Blush

A healthy glow, instantly revitalised complexion...

New Pochettes

Even more space for your make up..

Bright Quartet Palette

Sophisticated, complete eye make-up.

Colour Kajal

Make your eyes centre stage..

Prime & Fix Refreshing Mist

Multi-purpose spray..

Smart Blush and Bronzer Palette

Sculpted face, flawless complexion.