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The lipstick I long for

If, by now, your summer tan is just a mere memory, there is something you can do about it: stay one step ahead and try a beautiful autumn look! Aim for warm shades on your lips for a look with an intense edge, a bit like @annamiorin has done.
A marker pen lipstick like the Long Lasting Colour Lip Marker is a perfect addition to your makeup bag, and what’s great is, you may forget you’ve even put it on! This long-lasting no transfer lip marker guarantees a natural tattoo effect.
It doesn’t matter whether you have thin or full lips, the slightly rounded precision tip enables you to outline the contour and fill the lips with the desired colour intensity, for an effect that goes from semi-transparent to intensive coverage.
Spent your day buried in books and looking for a sudden change of look? No problem! With a coating of lip gloss, you’ll make your lipstick appear even more glamorous and you’ll be ready to enjoy any party. Use the 3D Hydra Lipgloss for an unprecedented mirror effect. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, its gel-like structure replenishes and hydrates your lips.

MUA top tip
Don't forget to highlight and define your eyebrows! They’re very powerful! With each little stroke, enhance your facial features and make your look stand out. With the Eyebrow Expert Styling Kit you’ll always be prepared when it comes to beauty: You’ll always have your eyebrow essentials to hand, including mini tweezers and eyebrow powders.

Long Lasting Colour Lip Marker


No transfer lip marker with a natural tattoo effect and extremely long-lasting wear (10 hours*)

103 Peach Red Change color
  • 103 Peach Red
  • 104 Deep Pink
  • 105 True Red
  • 106 Apple Red
  • 107 Plum
  • 109 Natural Rose
  • 110 Magenta Pink
  • 111 Brick Red
Long Lasting Colour Lip Marker 103
Long Lasting Colour Lip Marker 103

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3D Hydra Lipgloss 01

3D Hydra Lipgloss


Softening lip gloss for a 3D look

01 Clear Change color
  • 01 Clear
  • 02 Natural Beige
  • 03 Pearly Apricot
  • 04 Pearly Peach Rose
  • 05 Pearly Pink
  • 06 Candy Rose
  • 07 Pink Magnolia
  • 08 Natural Rosewood
  • 09 Soft Coral
  • 10 Sparkling Strawberry
  • 11 Golden Red
  • 12 Pearly Amaryllis Red
  • 13 Fire Red
  • 14 Geranium
  • 15 Cherry Red
  • 16 Iridescent Ruby
  • 17 Pearly Mauve
  • 18 Golden Sparkle
  • 19 Cream Cashmere
  • 20 Chestnut
  • 21 Brun Rose
  • 22 Sparkling Red Garnet
  • 23 Magenta
  • 24 Cyclamen Pink
  • 25 Bright Pink
  • 26 Sparkling Hibiscus Pink
  • 27 Pearly Lavender
  • 28 Pink Orchid
  • 29 Satin Plum
  • 30 Deep Purple
3D Hydra Lipgloss 01

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Eyebrow Expert Palette


Eyebrow palette

01 Blonde Change color
  • 01 Blonde
  • 02 Brown
  • 03 Brunette
Eyebrow Expert Palette - 01
Eyebrow Expert Palette - 01

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Ft   8,970

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