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Frequently Asked Questions

Prices, Promotions and Discount codes

  • I have a promotional code. How do I use it?

    To use a promotional code, select "Do you have a promotional code?" on the "Shopping Cart" page and insert the character sequence in the appropriate field. If your code is inserted correctly, the amount and/or content of the Shopping Cart will be recalculated based on the promotion applied.

  • The code I inserted is not recognized. Why?

    Each promotional code has specific rules regarding its use, such as the validity period, the minimum amount of the order, or the type of products purchased and the fact that it cannot be combined with other promotional codes.

    If the system does not recognize the code you inserted, ensure that the order fulfills the validity of the promotion. If the code is declined again, ensure you entered the characters correctly: often the number "zero" can be mistaken for the letter "o" or the number " one" for the letter "I."

  • Does the discount code apply to delivery charges / COD charges?

    No, promotional codes which entitle you to a discount are applied only to the amount of the products and do not include the shipping costs.

  • I would like to know the duration of a particular promotion (for example "Eyeshadows for 930 HUF"). Is that possible?

    We're sorry but we cannot establish beforehand when special events focusing on the price of certain products such as "Eyeshadows for 930 HUF" or "Mascara for 1200 HUF" will begin and end. We therefore advise you to consult our website regularly and activate the Newsletter service in order to receive all the information relating to promotions and new products.

  • Is there a KIKO loyalty card?

    We're sorry but we do not currently distribute loyalty cards. Subscribe to our Newsletter to find out promptly about sales and promotions.