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How can I use cosmetic products safely?

To safely use your cosmetics, we recommend observing the following indications:

  • Always thoroughly wash hands before applying cosmetics.
  • Ensure that all applicators are clean before using them: it is good practice to wash and replace brushes and sponges at least once a week;
  • Each cosmetic product is intended for personal use: sharing products may lead to the transmission of infections.
  •  In particular, always use clean applicators and try products on the back of your hand when testing products in store.
  • Always securely replace container lids/caps immediately after use.
  • Keep cosmetic products away from sources of heat and direct sunlight: light and heat may reduce the effectiveness of the preservatives.
  • Do not leave cosmetics in the car, the external temperatures may compromise the integrity of the product.
  • Do not use cosmetics if you are suffering from conjunctivitis.
  • Remove products from the skin if you suspect that they have caused irritation of any kind.
  • Do not add water or other diluents to any cosmetic product, unless the label expressly states this. The addition of non-indicated ingredients could contaminate the product with bacteria and dilute the preservatives, reducing the level of protection from bacteria.
  • Do not add acetone or other solvents to nail polishes, since this may cause the separation of the formula or unknown reactions.
  • Dispose of products if the colour, consistency or smell change.
  • Do not apply products to the eye contour unless they are expressly indicated for use in this delicate area.
  • Pay attention not to scratch the cornea when using mascara wands. Should this happen, do not take the situation lightly as it could lead to an infection and corneal ulcers. Put simply, mascara should be applied calmly and not in the car, on the bus, train, plane etc.
  • When sleeping, mascara may get into the eye and cause itching and redness. Always ensure that you have fully removed make-up before going to bed.

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