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Frequently Asked Questions

KIKO Gift Card

  • KIKO Gift Card: what is it?

    The KIKO MILANO Gift Card is a prepaid retail card used for purchases on our online store kikocosmetics.co.uk

    The Gift Card is digital. It can be purchased and used online only.

  • What value can a KIKO Gift Card have?

    The KIKO Gift Card can be loaded (in multiples of £1) with a minimum value of £20, up to a maximum of £999.

  • Can I purchase a KIKO Gift Card using another KIKO Gift Card?

    No, you cannot purchase a gift card with another gift card, voucher or promotional offer. Also, gift cards may not be purchased online through C.O.D. (cash on delivery).

  • Can the KIKO Gift Card be reloaded once it is activated?

    The KIKO Gift Card is not reloadable. It can only be used until its balance reaches zero.

  • Does the KIKO Gift Card expire?

    The Gift Card KIKO is valid for 2 years from the date of activation (same date of purchase).

  • What can I buy with a KIKO Gift Card?

    You can buy any product (including when discounted) and/or any fee-based service available on our online store, kikocosmetics.co.uk.

    It can also be used to pay shipping costs.

    You may not use it to purchase another gift card. When purchasing a gift card along with other products, you may use the gift card to purchase only the other items in your shopping cart.

  • How many times can I use my KIKO Gift Card?

    You can use your KIKO Gift Card on more than one purchase until there is no credit left. It cannot be exchanged for cash, nor refunded or replaced if lost, damaged, stolen or unused (even if only partially) within the given deadline.

  • Can I make a purchase by combining a KIKO Gift Card with other payment methods?

    The credit from one or more KIKO Gift Cards can be combined with the following forms of payment: credit card, PayPal and/or one (or more) other gift cards. You cannot use cash on delivery to pay the difference between order value and remaining gift card.

    For example, if you want to purchase £20 worth of products and you have 2 gift cards with the value of £5 and £7 respectively, you can use the credit on both ( £5 + £7 = £ 12) and pay the remaining £8 with any other method of payment.

  • Is it possible to use a KIKO Gift Card in a different country from where it was purchased?

    No, KIKO Gift Cards may only be used in the country in which they have been issued.

  • How can I buy a KIKO Gift Card online?

    Purchasing a KIKO Gift Card in store or online is quick and easy.

    In the “Gift Card” section select the design that you prefer and complete the form (make sure you fill in the amount and recipient's email address, the name of the sender and recipient and a gift message if it is a present for another person). Then click on the Add to Cart button to proceed to purchase. Repeat the process again to add an additional Gift Card.
    The virtual gift cards will be sent to the email addresses of the designated recipients.

    Please note: you may not order a gift card using C.O.D. (cash on delivery) or PayPal system.

  • How long does it take for the virtual KIKO Gift Card to be sent out?

    If you are only buying virtual gift cards (one or more), these will be sent to the email address specified about 3 hours after the order has been placed. If you are also buying other products then the email containing the virtual gift card is sent out at the same time that the parcel is shipped.

  • How do I use the KIKO Gift Card for online purchases?

    Using a Gift Card online is very easy:
    1. Choose the products that you want and add them to your cart,
    2. Log in or proceed as a guest user and then enter billing/shipping information,
    3. Choose “Gift Card” as the payment method and enter the 16-digit number (written under the bar code in both types of gift card) and the 5-digit security code,
    4. Complete the order.

  • Are the shipping costs included for online purchases of KIKO Gift Cards?

    There are no shipping charges when only virtual gift cards are purchased since they are sent out via email. When both virtual gift cards and products are purchased together, the shipping cost will be calculated based on your chosen destination and the total value of items in the cart (gift card amount + product amount). Shipping is free of charge for orders of £49 and over and payable for orders of less than £49.

  • How can I find out the remaining balance and expiry date of a KIKO Gift Card?

    You can check the balance on your KIKO Gift Card in the dedicated section of the website (Check credit) or by entering the relevant code during checkout.

    Alternatively, you can ask for the balance and expiry date of your KIKO Gift Card by contacting our customer service department and specifying the number on the card.

  • What happens if an online order paid with a KIKO Gift Card is canceled?

    If you cancel an online order, the amount you spent will be automatically recredited onto your gift card within a few minutes. Please contact our customer service department if there are any issues.

  • How do I return products purchased with a KIKO Gift Card?

    For a refund of all or some of the products purchased with a KIKO Gift Card, please contact our customer service department (within 10 working days of receiving the goods) to make refund arrangements.

  • Can I return a virtual KIKO Gift Card?

    No, you cannot send back a virtual gift card.

  • What should I do if my KIKO Gift Card does not work?

    If there are any problems with your KIKO Gift Card please contact our customer service department.