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Dear customer, if you have completed an order between 07:00 and 13:00 on November 11,
for about 48 hours you will not be able to see the information relating to your order in the My account / Track my order.
We would like to inform you that the order will still be processed and shipped to its destination.


Do you have doubts or questions? Search in our F.A.Q. where you might already find the answers you're looking for.
Otherwise you can contact us, or write us an e-mail.
One of our operators will answer you as soon as possible. Thank you

Can I lose my ADORE status following a full or partial product return?

You will become an ADORE customer once you have spent a minimum of £200 over the course of the year. 
If however, you choose to fully or partially return any products, your spending total will also be updated, with the subsequent deduction of points corresponding to the cost of the items returned. Should your spending total fall below the £200 threshold following the product return, you will subsequently lose your ADORE status and go back to being a LOVE customer.

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