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Unclogs the pores and mattifies skin
Combination to oily skin requires both oil control and hydration.

Thanks to the Shine Refine products, the skin is smooth and even-looking with a matte finish. Salicylic acid and other active ingredients purify the skin and control excess oil production. The formulas also contain ActiGlow, a revolutionary cosmetic advancement that enhances the beauty of both the skin and make-up. The line consists of the following:

- Shine Refine Tonic, sebum-balancing toner that removes impurities;
- Shine Refine Day, sebum-balancing gel-cream that reduces excess oil and shine* and tightens enlarged pores*;
- Shine Refine Spot, anti-blemish spot treatment;
- Shine Refine Mask, purifying intensive mask with salicylic acid;
- Shine Refine Papers, blotting papers for quick, mattifying touch-ups.

The facial skin is naturally balanced all day and every day.

*Results of clinical and instrumental tests conducted on 20 women who used Shine Refine Day for 28 days

什麼是 Actiglow?

什麼是 Actiglow?

ACTGLOW 是獨特校準成分的混合,在體外進行測試,能夠促進很強的抗氧化活性,促進膠原蛋白和舒緩活性的再生。

體外試驗表明, ACTIGLOW 能夠:
-    增強膠原蛋白的合成
-    具有舒緩作用
-    具有抗氧化作用

含有 ActiGlow 的化妝品能夠提亮,光滑並緊致肌膚。臨床試驗表明,能夠昇華化妝效果。

臨床儀器試驗,對 1250 名志願者共計 5000 餘次的檢測表明,長期使用含有 ActiGlow 的產品,能夠使肌膚更加光滑,均勻統一。與彩妝產品結合,能改善面部妝容。

*對每天使用兩次該產品至第 14 天和第28天的儀器測試結果。每一款產品都進行了安全和性能測試。