Fall Collection

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威尼斯与其永恒环境成为KIKO MILANO全新Fall Collection的背景和灵感。此量版系列采用浓郁而性感的色彩,充满吸引力和创意。



设计师Ross Lovegrove选择深蓝色和金色,为产品包装增添迷人氛围。重现威尼斯运河反射出的璀璨光辉,歌颂威尼斯的壮丽与光芒。"

Discover Fall Collection Looks with #kikotrendsetters

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Venice, the city of water. The ultimate city of romance. Where glamour and mystery come together in the shadow of the night to create a story of love and passion. 

Venice and its timeless surroundings serve as the backdrop and inspiration for KIKO MILANO’s new Fall Collection. A limited edition collection featuring intense, sensual colours, full of allure and originality.

The collection captures the essence of the regal Baroque city and its many delights, through makeup products that reawaken an innate sensuality, with luxurious colours ranging from elegant nudes to romantic reds, decadent blues to purples and the most spectacular deep shades.

The makeup looks are classic, skin is perfect and lips precisely defined. The gaze captures our attention with magnetic smoky eyes and deep colours. A high-performance collection where the mask, symbol of intriguing femininity, offers a new dimension to self-care, without sacrificing the intimacy of lace.

Designer Ross Lovegrove chose the colours of midnight blue and gold to represent this seductive ambiance on the products’ packaging. An homage to Venice, to its splendour and shimmer, the dreamlike glow of thousands of lights reflected in the canals. 

Discover Fall Collection Looks with #kikotrendsetters