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Into the Dark为限量版胶囊系列中的第七个,为庆祝KIKO MILANO诞生20周年而与VOGUE ITALIA携手合作推出,并邀得时装品牌Au Jour Le Jour的创办人Mirko Fontana和Diego Marquez主理设计,将化妆潮流演绎成为真正表现原创美学的代名词。

Au Jour Le Jour擅长运用跨领域和精致元素,品牌风格细腻而富超现代感,在其设计中经常运用背景图案、动物图案和别出心裁的材质,令人眼前一亮。设计师贯彻其品牌的独有基因,选择以优雅妩媚、柔美动人的风格为主调,并掺杂一丝讽刺意味来演绎此系列。

Into the Dark女孩无惧挑战极限,热情玩乐,钟情极致深邃的妆容效果,色彩鲜明艳丽,色调充满型格感觉,呈现浓烈金属感。您的肤色变得亮泽剔透,双眸成为瞩目焦点,水感金属唇妆与金属光甲色完美匹配。


And as with any important birthday, the celebrations wouldn't be complete without a jewel to mark the occasion: a bracelet that can be decorated with seven different charms, each one representing a capsule collection. How do you get one? It's easy! Buy 1 product from the Into the Dark collection and receive 1 free charm*.

*Online & in stores.

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au jour le jour


1.     Why did you choose to collaborate with KIKO?
KIKO is a brand that we greatly admire for its ability to impart beauty to a wide, international audience and also because, like us, KIKO puts a fresh twist on trends.
2.   What inspired you when creating the KIKO collection?
We wanted something with a dark look that was still linked to our DNA. Our prints are often inspired by animals, so we tried to create a background design with a black panther and iris for a dark yet provocative feel.
3.     How would you describe your style and how did you incorporate it into the design?
The Au Jour le Jour collections are always slightly tongue-in-cheek. Not taking yourself too seriously – that’s what we had in mind when we designed this dark atmosphere that also has a fresh, pop-art style thanks to the prints.
4.    Will you be attending Fashion Week this year? If so, where and when?
Yes, we'll be presenting our Spring Summer 2018 collection in Milan on 24th September.
5.     How do you contribute to the collection? What exactly do you do?
We started by doing the mood board, looking for inspiration and developing it with our team.
6.    Why did you choose to collaborate with KIKO, what were your sources of inspiration, and what were the challenges you faced while developing the collection?
We like interacting with companies and people from worlds other than our own. For us, it’s really exciting to work on new projects and work out how to express our aesthetic through other products.
7.   In which markets are your products sold?
Throughout the world, from European markets to Asian and American markets.