White French Manicure Pen

White nail polish in a pen

  • 描述

    White nail polish in a pen outlines the nail tips for a precise, long-lasting and easy-to-achieve French Manicure.


    The special solvent-based formula ensures a precise and even line with superior hold.

    The reservoir-dispenser releases the perfect amount of nail polish, easily applied thanks to the rounded tip.

    As easy as a pen and long lasting as polish, the White French Manicure Pen goes on in just a few seconds and stays put for days.

  • 效果

    Advanced professional performance for a precision result: the tips are perfectly white and defined, without smudges or flaws.
  • 建议

    To get a perfect French Manicure, just follow the three simple steps:

    1 - Apply a polish base over the entire surface of the nail.

    2 - Once dried, outline the tips with the White French Manicure Pen and wait about two minutes;

    3 - Apply a layer of transparent or light-coloured nail polish over the entire nail.

  • 使用方法

    For a proper use of the product, follow these instructions:


    1 - Shake well before use with the cap tightly closed.

    2 - When using for the first time, after having unscrewed the cap, hold the pen with the tip up and press on the bottom to let any air out.

    3 - Hold the pen with the tip down and press on the bottom to allow the product to come out. When using for the first time, it may be necessary to press down several times, until the formula comes out of the tip.

    4 - With each subsequent use, a single press is enough to have the right amount of the product come out.

    5 - To avoid having too much product come out, it is suggested that you wait for the formula to come out before pressing on the bottom again. In case too much polish comes out, clean the tip with a tissue.

    6 - Screw the cap down tightly, when finished, to preserve your product perfectly.


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  1. 27/03/2019



    Este producto me decepciono un poco, da buen resultado, ya que te puedes hacer la manicura francesa tu mismo pero es un poco complicado, necesitas tener muy buena precisión.
  2. 08/03/2019


    Veramente pratico

    Non sono un'esperta di manicure ma questa penna mi permette di ottenere ottimi risultati in modo pratico!Spero resti sempre in vendita
  3. 01/03/2019



    Lo recomiendo, muy facil de usar, producto muy útil.
  4. 29/08/2018



    Produit idéal pour la french manucure
  5. 03/08/2018


    Белая ручка для французского маникюра

    Супер! С этой ручкой рисовать белые кончики очень легко и просто. Сохнет очень быстро. Держится достаточно долго.
  6. 19/07/2018



    Comodo e facile da usare.
  7. 03/02/2017


    Topissime !!!

    Tout est dans le titre, ce stylo est génial ! moi qui ne suis pas très doué, j'ai réussi une french nickel !
  8. 07/12/2016


    Me encanta!!!!

    Lo super recomiendo es muy practico es un producto de 10
  9. 09/10/2016


    Super pratique

    Tout est dit . Il est pratique , facile a prendre en main. Je suis totalement satisfaite
  10. 22/08/2016



    molto pratica così non devo spendere troppo dall'estetista!
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