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Clean off all traces of your make-up with KIKO products. Browse our micellar waters, facial cleansing mousses, cleansing pads and make-up remover wipes.

14 Results

Moisturising and refreshing facial toner with jasmine petals

blossoming beauty secret garden face toner

3 reviews

Cleansing balm for the face and eyes

pure clean cleansing balm

4 reviews

Two-phase makeup remover

pure clean eyes & lips

230 reviews

Exfoliating and illuminating facial toner

pure clean glow toner

3 reviews

Micellar makeup removal gel

pure clean micellar gel

62 reviews
Pure Clean Micellars
Pure Clean Micellars

Moisturising toner

pure clean toner

28 reviews
Pure Clean Micellars
Pure Clean Micellars

Two-phase makeup remover for eyes and lips

pure clean eyes & lips mini

13 reviews

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