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Special Offer  

3-sponge kit for foundation, highlighters, concealers, 3 pieces

total look blender kit

Special Offer  

3-sponge kit for foundation, highlighters, concealers, 3 pieces

total look blender kit

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8.50 $

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Sponge kit for applying foundation, highlighters and concealers, for a professional application. Convenient and extremely versatile, they’re perfect for creating a complete look, from the most basic to the most sophisticated. 

The kit contains: 

 - 1 teardrop sponge 
 - 1 hourglass sponge
 - 1 flat-sided sponge. 

The unique porosity allows you to pick up the perfect amount of product, for an even application without wasting a drop. The soft consistency makes it pleasant and efficient to use. Flawless and highly professional results.

For the teardrop sponge, use the round end for the cheeks and the pointed end for perfect coverage in even the hard-to-reach areas, like the eye contour and the corners of the nose.

The flat-sided sponge ensures quick and efficient application and can also be used for contouring, utilising the flat surface.

The hourglass sponge is designed for more sophisticated makeup looks: the rounded side allows for even, streak-free coverage, with precisely defined features and buildable, even blending. The pointed side is designed to cover blemishes even in trouble areas. High-performing products and a professional finish in one simple step.

Ideal for applying foundations, highlighters and concealers, to use wet or dry. 

 - For a natural effect, pick up the product and dab it onto the face until fully absorbed.

 - For a more sophisticated effect, apply the product, blending carefully, and then leave to dry; then, apply again with a dabbing motion.

Hourglass sponge: specific tips

- Liquid foundation and cream compact foundation

   - For a natural effect: dab the foundation onto the face with the flat side and blend it out in circular movements from top to bottom, from the centre of the face outwards.

   - For a sophisticated effect: blend the foundation onto the face, leave to dry, then apply it again with a dabbing motion.

- Compact powder foundation and loose powders

  - For a light, natural effect: using the flat part, blend the foundation in circular movements.

  - For a sophisticated effect*: dampen the sponge and apply the foundation with circular movements from the centre of the face outwards, from the bottom to the top.

 *only for wet & dry formulas

Wash the sponges in warm water with a mild liquid soap, squeezing them to remove excess water before leaving to dry.

Clear modern packaging enhanced by the iconic KIKO MILANO logo


Total Look Blender Kit