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Manicure kit with pouch

smart manicure kit

Manicure kit with pouch

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Manicure kit with pouch

smart manicure kit

Manicure kit with pouch

$ 14.99
0 reviews

$ 14.99


Hurry, low quantity!

Kit of 4 manicure accessories in a practical pouch.

The kit contains:
-1 pair of stainless steel nail scissors
The special curved tip follows the shape of your nail, ensuring the cut is precise and defined.

-1 Cardboard file
Its abrasive grit allows you to shorten and file the edges of your nails, refine the manicure and remove any imperfections.

-1 Stainless steel cuticle plier
The pointed end allows you to clean the inside and corners of your nails, while the rounded end is used to gently push the cuticles.

-1 Stainless steel nail clipper
Its precise and slightly rounded blades ensure your nails are accurately cut.

- 1 Fuchsia pouch made of synthetic polymer, paper and polyester with saffiano-effect processing and embossed logo.
Compact and handy, it’s ideal for carrying all the essentials for tidy nails.
Dimensions: 50x50 mm

Ideal for:
effortlessly taking care of your nails at all times.

It’s special because:
it contains the four essentials to prepare your nails for nail polish application.

Flawless, clean-looking and perfectly defined nails at all times.

Nail scissors
Cut your nails carefully from the outside towards the centre.

Nail clipper
1. Turn the lever on the upper side of the nail clipper to open and close the blades.
2. Place the fingernail between the two blades and apply light pressure on the lever to cut it.
3. When you finish cutting your nails, turn the lever again to put it back in its original position.

Cuticle plier
Soften your cuticles and nails by using the practical KIKO MILANO Intense Care Oil Pen. After drying your hands, pass the pointed end of the cuticle plier over the inside and corners of the nails, and push the cuticles with the rounded end.

Use the appropriate side of the file to rub along the edge of your nail in one direction. 

Keep out of reach of children



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