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Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick - Crazy Colours

A unique lipstick in the coolest colours that caresses the lips. 

KIKO MILANO presents five new colours that add more splash to the wide colour range of Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick, the intense matte lipstick that delivers a flawless look.

Violet triumphs
Orchid Violet is crowned the champion, coating the lips of feminine, sensual women who possess an old-fashioned allure. Pair it with a black outfit for a creative, original and sophisticated look.

Dare to go green
Natural hues abound, such as Sapphire Green, which comes to life on the lips of women who love modern, mesmerizing make-up.

For you blue
Imperial Blue is red hot, the colour for a rock ‘n’ roll style that’s never dull. The perfect match? Studded accessories, black garb and denim shorts for a bold, edgy look.

Timeless grey
The keyword is #greylips. Slate Grey is quintessentially cool, an intense, sensual lip colour. Afraid of appearing too somber? Just add a contrasting touch of pink to the cheeks to create an original, ultra-chic winter look.

Bold effect
The colour black finally gets the green light. This shade's strong personality enhances the shape of the mouth and creates a bold, unconventional and seductive look. An added touch? Tap into your dark side by creating a powerful, distinct contrast with a light-coloured, matte foundation. 

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