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Apply Radiant Boost Face Base on the entire face. Correct any facial blemishes and discoloration with the Colour Correct Concealer Palette. Minimize dark circles and eye fatigue with the Universal Stick Concealer. Even out and enhance the complexion by applying the shade of Unlimited Foundation Sunscreen Broad Spectrum Spf 15 best suited to your skin type. Sculpt the volumes of the face with Summer2.0 Baked Bronzer, using the Summer2.0 Face Brush. Highlight the chin, cheekbones, nose and eyebrow arches with Summer2.0 Highlighting Drops n. 02. Apply Summer2.0 Baked Blush n. 03 on the cheekbones using the Summer2.0 Face Brush.



Redesign and intensify the eyebrow lines with the Precision Eyebrow Pencil. Apply Neutral Eye Base on the eyelids. Apply Summer2.0 Eyeshadow n. 01 on the eyelids and blend gently with your fingertips. Apply Summer2.0 Eyeshadow n. 03 on the center of the eyelids and blend gently with the applicator provided. Define the eyes with Summer2.0 Mascara.



Apply Nude Blur Lip Base to the lips. Enhance the lip line with the Invisibile Lip Liner. Apply Summer2.0 Lips & Cheeks n. 05 using the Lips 80 Flat Lip Brush.