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High Pigment Eyeshadow

Eyes in the spotlight, highlighted by high pigmented colors.

From KIKO MILANO, introducing sixty new shades that increase the color gamut of High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadow, these eyeshadows can last up to 8 hours *.
The formula is enriched with vitamin E, extracts of camomile and cotton seed oil for maximum gentleness on the eyelids. Within this new line, you can choose the most appropriate finish to your look in matte, pearl, satin and metallic.

The High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadow, with the iconic  KK monogram, come in modern and functional package with magnetic closure. The for use in a removable system. The eyeshadows can be removed from their compacts and inserted into the new Shade Selection 03 palette. Magnets hold the eyeshadows in place. The palettes are stackable and sold separately. The eyeshadows can be removed from the palette and replaced with others to create endless color combinations.
For professional application, KIKO offers two new 4-brush sets: Perfect Eyes Brush Kit and Smoky Eye Brush Kit. Thanks to these colorful eyeshadows , the eyes become the undisputed Star of every look.

* Clinical-instrumental test up to 8 hours on 20 women. Product quality has been tested and promoted by 100 volunteers

The model of the image is wearing High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadow n. 107.

  • 131 reviews
    60 Tone
    01 Matte White Milk
    Highly pigmented eyeshadow for wet and dry use
    01 Matte White Milk
    $ 8.00

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  • 18 reviews

    Empty palette for holding three eyeshadows with mirror and applicator

    $ 6.00

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