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New Foundations

Try KIKO’s new foundations. Created with the latest innovation in foundation technology, these advanced formulas will give you the complexion of your dreams. No matter your skin type, KIKO has you covered.

- Skin Evolution Foundation: a multi-benefit foundation that delivers a smooth & even complexion
- Anti-Age Foundation: reawakens skin’s youthfulness for an even, more radiant complexion
- Mat Mousse Oil Free Foundation: a whipped foundation with a mat finish

KIKO foundations will give you the radiant, even-toned, flawless face you’ve always wished for.

  • 1 review
    18 Tone
    Cool Rose 10
    Multi-Performance, evening and smoothing foundation
    Cool Rose 10
    $ 9.50 $ 19.00 - 50 %

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  • 1 Tone
    Neutral 20
    $ 22.00

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  • 2 reviews
    14 Tone
    Neutral 40
    Liquid foundation with a second skin effect
    Neutral 40
    $ 24.00

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