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Elevate your eye makeup game with our selection of stick eyeshadows, automatic eyeliners and accessories.

 -Stick eyeshadows, pretty effortless to use, long lasting up to 8h*, no transfer, in stunning shades & with matte and pearly finishes
 -Automatic eyeliners with powerful pigment, long lasting up to 12h*, that can do smoky eye, cat-eye, grafic effects and all the eye-looks you could think of 
 -Specific brushes for all the blending you desire
-Two-phase makeup removers for removing even the most resistant makeup

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Eyeshadow and concealer brush

eyes 51 shader brush

Eye brush for shading

eyes 58 blending brush

Two-phase makeup remover for eyes and lips

pure clean eyes & lips mini


Two-phase makeup remover

pure clean eyes & lips