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All US stores closed. Also the online shopping is now closed.

We value your beauty, but above all your health, from every KIKO MILANO employee to the community as a whole. This is why we have decided to take concrete action, in light of recent restrictions introduced nationally by the US government.

We thank you for your constant support and trust: for us, the protection of your health is paramount. We’ll be back soon, stronger and more united than before.

 “Without scaremongering and fear but conscientiously and rationally, we have decided to do all we can to best protect the health of our customers and employees. We’re confident we will all be able to return soon, stronger than before. But to do so, we must now close. We thank doctors and medical staff who have recently been working tirelessly on the front line.” 

Cristina Scocchia, CEO of KIKO MILANO

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