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The powers of nature are now in your hands with Green Me, the new eco-friendly line from KIKO MILANO.
A comprehensive range of products, from makeup to skincare and accessories, formulated with up to 100% of ingredients deriving from raw materials of natural origin and designed to enhance your beauty with the best that nature has to offer. 

 - Natural ingredients, without compromising on performance and style
- Velvety, ultra-fine and high-coverage textures that blend beautifully into the skin
- Nude to intense shades for all the looks you could want
- Eco-friendly packaging*

*All products come in ecological paper packaging that is 30% derived from organic residues.
The Blush, Highlighter, Bronzer and Eyeshadow Palette come in packaging made from ecological paper and bioplastic obtained through maize fermentation,
The Blush, Highlighter, Bronzer and Eyeshadow Palette are made with natural water-based varnishes,
The Double Blended Eye Brush and Powder Brush are made with recycled coconut shell fibres,
The Kajal and Lips & Cheeks Pencil are made with wood


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