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Eyebrow products

Defining your look and balancing your facial features is now much easier, thanks to innovative products and accessories.

KIKO MILANO is launching three, brand-new products for eyebrow shaping and styling: a soft pencil - Eyebrow Filler Light Touch Pencil; an automatic pencil - Eyebrow Sculpt Automatic Pencil and coloured mascara - Eyebrow Fibers Coloured Mascara.

In addition to these new products, KIKO is broadening the colour range for the Precision Eyebrow Pencil, which is perfect for accentuating the eyebrow's shape with a fine, precise stroke.

KIKO recommends using the Eyes 205 brush. A wide range of professional tools, including pencil sharpeners, tweezers and eyelash curlers, are also available to help you create a polished look.

  • 15 reviews
    7 Tone
    01 Light Blondes
    Coloured, fiber-enriched brow mascara for thick, polished eyebrows
    01 Light Blondes
    $ 10.00

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  • 18 reviews
    6 Tone
    01 Light Blondes
    Soft pencil for perfectly shaped eyebrows
    01 Light Blondes
    $ 8.00

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  • 70 reviews
    6 Tone
    02 Blondes And Redheads
    Automatic pencil for sculpted eyebrows
    02 Blondes And Redheads
    $ 6.90 $ 10.00 - 31 %

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  • 327 reviews
    6 Tone
    04 Light Chestnut and Blonds
    Eyebrow pencil with micro-precision hard formula and separator comb
    04 Light Chestnut and Blonds
    $ 5.90 $ 9.00 - 34 %

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  • 24 reviews

    Fixing pencil for eyebrows

    $ 4.90 $ 8.00 - 38 %

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  • 79 reviews
    2 Tone
    01 Deep Brunettes and Blackhaired
    $ 13.00 $ 19.00 - 31 %

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  • 5 reviews

    Professional fine-pointed tweezers

    $ 9.00

    Product not available online

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