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Little Black Liners

Thick or thin. Intense. High definition. All it takes is a simple line to accentuate the eyes' shape and colour. Between new and existing products, KIKO MILANO offers eight jet black, professional-quality pencils to highlight the eyes in just one step.

These four additions complete the line of amazing, high-performance products. Your eyes mesmerize with the long-lasting Everlasting Kajal or the bold colour of Oversize Kajal. They are glamorous, thanks to the Smoky Eye Pencil, or unique and alluring due to the Glitter Eye Pencil's silvery reflections.

The new arrivals complement Kiko's existing must-have pencils that create stylish, sensual eye make-up: Deep Black Kajal, Kajal Khol, Automatic Precision Eyeliner & Khol and Intense Colour Long Lasting Eyeliner.

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