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Brush Experts

Professional. High quality. Simple and quick to use.

KIKO MILANO presents Brush Experts, 32 professional brushes designed to achieve any kind of make-up. The new range, suitable for beginners and experts alike, comprises:

- 14 face brushes, for an even, smooth and well-defined complexion;
- 16 eye brushes, to define the eye area with precision lines and refined blending effects;
- 2 lip brushes, to outline the lip contour with extreme precision.

The textures are even more pleasant to apply, with professional-looking results, thanks to the new, high-quality natural or synthetic bristles, which pick up and release the right amount of product, for an even and flawless result.

And to facilitate application? The new, ergonomic and semi-rounded handle design, in matte black, ensures better control of movements while applying, for faster, flawless results. Moreover, the elegant ferrule with a gunmetal finish and the KK logo engraved on the side makes the brushes even more unique and exclusive. 

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