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Choose your favourite colour nail varnish. With KIKO, you can give your hands and nails a perfect DIY manicure.

38 Results


Your hands and nails are your most important calling card, always on display. That’s why it’s essential to keep them healthy, neat and beautiful..

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Nourishing oil pen

intense care oil pen

22 reviews
Special Offer  

Exfoliating nail pen

nail & cuticle scrub pen

15 reviews
Special Offer  
Special Offer  

Illuminating stain-concealing base

white look base coat

19 reviews
Special Offer  

White nail polish pen

white french manicure pen

58 reviews

Nail polish drying drops

nail polish drying drops

133 reviews

Nail polish remover wipes

nail polish remover wipes

12 reviews

Mission perfect manicure? Mission possible (and extremely easy) with the dedicated KIKO MILANO line for hands: nail polish in an infinite range of colours, products for nail and cuticle care, nail polish solvents, removers and fixers.