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Eye Pencils

To add some depth to your look, just choose from hundreds of eye pencils to find the best one for you! 

Try a kajal pencil for a more intense makeup look, create a cat-eye with a black pencil for the lash line or use a soft-tipped coloured pencil to play with shades. 
Don’t have time to touch up your makeup in the middle of the day? Choose long-lasting products like our waterproof pencils and mascaras! 

Browse our selection of eye makeup, and don't forget products for neat and defined eyebrows.

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  • 134 reviews
    15 Tone
    01 Butter
    Automatic eye pencil for the waterline and lash line
    01 Butter
    $ 7.00 $ 10.00 - 30 %

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  • 167 reviews
    16 Tone
    01 Pearly White
    Intense and smooth-gliding outer eye pencil with long wear
    01 Pearly White
    $ 6.30 $ 9.00 - 30 %

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