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Christmas nails

We're talking red and gold manicures and irresistible festive motifs

The Christmas spirit is in the air. Reindeer, bows, snowflakes and bright colours are warming homes, hearts and... looks! Bestow the same magic upon your nails and celebrate the most long-awaited and sweetest holiday of the year with festive-inspired nails in shades of red and gold or try some fabulous themed nail art.
If daring dinner and party outfits are not your thing, then why not indulge in a wow-effect manicure under the mistletoe? Let’s start by taking a look at a few inspirational ideas, just waiting to be unwrapped!


Christmas nails in shades of red: a classic to be re-interpreted

Some colours possess incredible power: they always look great, are everyone’s favorite and instantly evoke certain occasions. Red is one of these colours - it’s THE colour par excellence when we think about festive make-up, decorations and, of course, Christmas-inspired nails. 
Unleash your desire for red nail polish - there are so many options to choose from and believe us when we say that choosing just one will be virtually impossible - and you’ll be partying the night away in no time! 

Play with different finishes if you want a single-hued, simple yet statement festive manicure: treat yourself to velvet-look nails with a top coat that instantly mattifies, create a gel-effect manicure with our special nail polishes or get ready to sparkle with all the reflections of a metallic lacquer. 

Why not opt for a ring-finger manicure by alternating various shades of red or different effects? 

- Choose a shade and apply the selected colour to the nail on the ring finger only; paint the other four nails, for example, with a more intense colour. 

- Alternatively, focus on finishes: make just one nail matte and bestow a glossy look upon the others by applying a sheer or even glittery top coat.


Golden nails: give your manicure a touch of elegance

When discussing Christmas nails, the colour gold always comes up trumps, never failing to hit the festive mark.
Create a sophisticated manicure by playing with dazzling details: use gold (or even silver) polishes to embellish your nails with a refined Christmas-themed French manicure. Simply apply the gold-hued polish to the upper tips of the nail and voilà cue the spontaneous applause.
What if your Christmas comes in Frozen-inspired shades or you're a fan of cool tones? Use the same dazzling French manicure technique but... simply reverse the colours! 

- Apply a blue nail polish (another exceptionally e-l-e-g-a-n-t colour that’s just perfect for the holidays), opting perhaps for a dark shade so as to amplify the contrast with the dazzling details.

- Once dry, draw a half-moon shape at the base of each nail using the gold or metal-look nail polish.


Celebrate the Christmas spirit with fabulous themed nail art

Need another reason - we don’t really think you do - why Christmas is so special? You can indulge in adorable themed manicures! Let your creativity flow - the time has come to create the Christmas nail art you’ve been dreaming of! 
If you like snowy landscapes and see the appeal of ice, why not opt for a white or über-light gray nail polish before applying a glitter-effect top coat with gray or cool-tone reflections to the tip of the nail only? Add some glitter or snowflake-shaped stickers (of if you're dexterous enough, you can even draw your own with a blue nail polish).
Seeing stars everywhere you go? Rest assured they’ll look fabulous on your nails too! Draw them on all your nails - or on just some of them - using nail polishes in different colours and finishes for bases and decorations: you can use the classic five-point shape or even opt for something more reminiscent of a spark.
Can’t resist the sweetness of candy canes? Re-create them on your nails by drawing contrasting micro stripes! It’s super easy with our mini adhesive guides: simply stick them to your nails, apply your white nail polish on top of a red or golden base, wait for it to dry and gently remove. 

For a highly realistic effect, draw diagonal white lines.
Now, whichever Christmas-inspired nail look you’ve gone for, you will have no doubt created a masterpiece: don't risk thwarting your efforts - be sure to use a nail polish fixer so that your work of art stays looking flawless for longer. 
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A questo punto, qualsiasi nail look di Natale tu abbia scelto, avrai sicuramente realizzato un capolavoro: non rischiare di vanificare i tuoi sforzi e usa dei fissatori smalto perché la tua opera d’arte duri a lungo.
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