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Christmas make-up

Ideas and tips for a magical look

Tips and ideas to be inspired by for the perfect Christmas make-up

Fairy lights, twinkling decorations and songs that fill the air married with the festive fragrance of biscuits and ginger: yes, it’s ‘that magical time of year’ again and preparations are in full swing, even in terms of our make-up. If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas make-up to flaunt as you dine with friends, enjoy romantic dates (perhaps even with a moment under the mistletoe) or get-togethers with family, then you’ve come to the right place! 

Holiday make-up: the rule of focus       

The watchword for the holidays is sparkle, although it’s surprisingly easy to overdo it when it comes to make-up. So, how can we avoid overdoing the sparkle? Choose to spotlight either your lips or your eyes and ensure that this is the visual focal point of your Christmas make-up look. 


Christmas eye make-up: glisten under the tree with metallic make-up

Gold - or silver - on the lids for elegant Christmas make-up? We’re huge fans of this style - so here's our tutorial to help you achieve an ultra-easy, enchantingly glowy eye make-up look!

1 - Apply a metallic eyeshadow to the entire lid and lightly blend with an eye brush if you're going for a slightly more intense make-up look: alternatively, you can play with geometries and apply your eyeshadow with more definition. Concentrate on the mobile lid to begin with before moving towards the temples and drawing an outward wing.

Glitter lover? That’s what we like to hear! Rather than using a metallic-effect eyeshadow, you can coat your lids with a veil of sparkle and micro-glitter! In fact, we have the perfect eyeshadow for all tastes.

2 - Using eyeliner, define and emphasize the shape of your eye. Draw a line that follows the upper contour of the eye, from the inner corner to the outer corner, ending in an upturned wing. 


For a bolder result, combine a pencil with a pen liner! With a fine slanted-tip brush, blend out the line drawn with your chosen pencil and then continue to apply your eyeliner.
High expectations (and a few doubts) about the ‘definition phase’? Discover all our tips and tricks on how to apply eyeliner!


Lip make-up: how to choose the right festive lipstick

Prefer to focus on your lips when it comes to make-up? All that's left to do is find the perfect holiday lipstick, which translated means: your favorite shade with the finish that you think best enhances your lips. 

Need a few pointers? 

- Choose a long-lasting product. You’ll be chatting, taking photos with friends and relatives, and navigating countless courses, meaning you’re going to need an extraordinary ally by your side.

- Pamper your lips before applying make-up. Take care of them and don’t underestimate the importance of hydration.

- Balance the colour and intensity of your lipstick with your eyeshadow and eye make-up. Choose nude shades if you want your eyes to do the talking and vice versa, opting, for instance, for a metallic wow-effect lipstick to spotlight your pout.

- Smile, smile and, yep you guessed it, smile! There’s no better way to show off your lips.


Christmas manicures to complete your look

Even your nails can be transformed into an ‘accessory’ to flaunt with pride with every toast, so make sure they’re party-ready!

Looking for a simple idea for your Christmas-themed nails?

Start with a red-hued manicure and add details in gold (or silver) so that your nails perfectly match your eye make-up. A fine line across the center of the nail is all you need to make the difference and transform your nail polish from basic to stellar!

Alternatively, unleash your creativity with some original nail art: unwrapping your gifts will reach new levels of glam thanks to your Christmas-inspired manicure!

Make-up to hand and smartphones fully charged, take a photo of your festive holiday make-up look and share it using hashtag #kikotrendsetters - bag yourself a starring role in the KIKO MILANO world.