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What is a facial cleanser and when to use it?

Our face is subject to exposure to the elements every day. Whether we are at home, or at the office, or spending the day outside, our skin is affected by dust and pollution.

Therefore, it is important to introduce an effective product to our skin routine to remove dirt and impurities, leaving us with glowing skin.

What is a facial cleanser and what does it do?


Facial cleansers are products designed to remove dirt and impurities from your skin. 
They are gentle products that usually have a light fragrance and are formulated in different textures for different skin types.

The first step to using a facial cleanser is to choose the right one. 

If you tend to have oily skin or more of a combination complexion you will not want to use an oil-based cleansing product, rather you will want to choose a face cleanser that is lighter, like a foaming mousse, with purifying ingredients.

If you have normal to dry skin you will want to go for a cream-based cleanser, that, because of the milky texture and toning properties, will leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated and that will not leave your skin feeling tight.

Another thing to take into consideration is makeup.

If you love wearing makeup, it is important to use a facial cleanser that can remove any residue left on your skin.
A gel-based cleanser like our micellar gel is ideal not only for makeup, but also for removing any trace of smog or impurities that you encountered during the day.

Can you wash your face with hand soap?
One frequently asked question is whether or not it is okay to use soap, like the one you use to wash your hands. 
It is best not to use these types of soaps on your face since it is more delicate and, as a result, you could experience dry, tight skin.

How to use a facial cleanser

When using a facial cleanser be sure to pull your hair back so you can reach every part of your face. 

Then pour a small amount of product on your fingertips. Remember, start off with a little and only add more if needed. 

Depending on the type of cleanser you are using, you may decide to add a few drops of water to make it easier to massage it on your face.

The reason why it is best to use your fingers and not your entire hand to apply the cleanser is that this way you don’t apply too much pressure on the skin, resulting in a gentle touch. You especially need to be gentle in the eye area since it is very delicate.

Start cleansing your face in small circular motions and do so for about 30 seconds so you are sure to cover the whole face well and reach those small areas.

Take your time, and when it’s time to rinse the cleanser remember to use the right water temperature: if it is too hot you risk lightly burning your skin and redness will appear, if it is too cold you may not effectively remove impurities.

Start by washing the product off your fingers, then gently splash your face with water and use your hands to gently remove any excess.

When it is time to dry your face, use a nice clean towel and just lightly pat your skin dry and you can then proceed with the remaining steps of your beauty routine.
Even when in a rush, remember not to rub your face with the towel so you don’t harm your skin.

When to use a facial cleanser


Cleansing your face is the first step of your full skin routine. It is important to wash and cleanse your face in the morning to have fresh glowing skin.

You should also use facial cleansers at night before going to bed so you can remove dirt and impurities that accumulate on your face throughout the day and remove any makeup residue.

When you have completed this important step, you can proceed by applying other products. 
Generally, skin routines consist of 5 products:

●    Facial cleanser
●    Toner
●    Serum
●    Eye cream
●    Moisturizer

If you are asking yourself how often you should use a facial cleanser, the answer is easy: every day, twice a day.

Once a week you may feel the need to deep cleanse, and you can use an exfoliating product on your skin. But while it is best to exfoliate once or twice a week at the most, when it comes to facial cleansers It is important to use them on a daily basis so your skin is constantly clean and dirt can be removed before being absorbed. 

Facial cleansers are a must in your beauty routine for their many benefits and their ability to help take care of your skin. They remove dead skin cells and dirt, giving you glowing and radiant skin.
Facial cleansers purify, add moisture, and leave your skin feeling soft and looking healthy!