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NYE makeup

Makeup and nail art to shine

NYE makeup and nail art: fireworks with sparkling makeup!

It’s the most shimmering night of the year, when anything can happen, filled with wishes to be fulfilled, bright stars and magic. You’ll already be thinking about every detail of your look, and - of course - about your matching makeup and nails for NYE.

Because, let’s face it, the party is fun, yes, but what really makes you dream are the preparations and all the practice runs in front of the mirror, imagining what it will be like …. It’s the perfect time to treat yourself to some special-occasion makeup, including eccentric, ultra chic NYE nails! 

So put your favourite playlist on, turn it up and, with some advice and ideas to inspire you, you’ll be shining from the first selfie at home to the midnight countdown with your loved ones, with KIKO MILANO NYE makeup!


Silver and black NYE makeup: a riot of reflections to highlight the eyes

Your NYE eye makeup? Explosive, thanks to a black and silver “elongated” smoky eye, with a geometric cat-eye cut. Its strengths? It’s truly high impact, enhancing eyes of any shape with an ultra magnetic gaze. Have you decided to wear red, or shine in a cascade of golden sequins? No problem, play with shades and the combinations you prefer: gold and black NYE makeup is a great classic, but don't underestimate the alternatives, like burgundy and bronze, always very trendy. If you’re looking for something different than usual for NYE makeup for green eyes, we recommend this combination: magnetism guaranteed! Plus, pink is simply the best for NYE makeup for blue eyes... it’ll be impossible to keep admiring eyes off your makeup!
Here are 5 steps to follow for creating NYE smoky eyes, defined and trendy:

As a smoky eye covers the entire eyelid, you’ll need to start at the base and apply an eye primer. You’ll really see a difference in the hold and end result of your eyeshadow pigments!

Using a brush designed specifically for eyes, apply the lightest shade that you’ve chosen for your graphic smoky eye to the entire eyelid.


The product made especially for this NYE eye makeup look? Bright Quartet Baked Eyeshadow Palette, containing 4 eyeshadows in matte and pearly, light and dark shades. To create this look, we’ve used number 04, but by now you’ll know, it’s up to you when it comes to picking shades … of course, that includes NYE nails!

In the outer corner of your eye, apply the darkest colour, blending it with care with an inward motion. Use a brush with an angled tip to ensure a defined result for this step, like the Smart BlendingBrush 201, since this look relies on the precise and clean effect of the eyeshadow.

4.    PENCIL
Along the upper and lower lash lines, draw a line with a black smoky-eye pencil and, using a suitable blending tip applicator, make the line less defined. 


Apply the glitter eyeshadow to the eyelid, blending it outward, being careful not to go beyond where the eyeshadow already is. The 3D reflections give the look an incredibly bright, enchanting result. If you’re looking for NYE makeup for brown eyes, we recommend a reflective golden glitter... you can’t go wrong.

Lashes, the cherry on top of the cake. Since New Year’s Eve is a time where anything goes in terms of looks and makeup, you can choose whether to use mascara, perhaps with a volumising effect for a simpler result, or opt for a special effect with false lashes or a glitter top coat.


An easy but cosmic makeup look for NYE: use glitter and metallic eyeshadows together

Looking for a simple makeup idea for NYE that’s quick to create but enhances your eyes (no matter their colour)? The answer is: glitter, glitter, and more glitter like there’s no tomorrow, mixed artfully with a metallic eyeshadow. The pairing is truly dazzling, and allows you to emphasise your eyes in just a few steps.


Unsure of what shades are best for you? Discover what to use if you have brown, green or blue eyes! By choosing the right colours, you can set trends with your NYE glitter makeup :)


NYE lipstick: lips centre stage

The lipstick for NYE? Metallic and daring! New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to try a bold black- or brown-toned red lipstick, and to play with finishes and liquid metal effects. 

Even if your party makeup is all about your eyes, don’t forget to coat your lips with a gloss or nude lipstick (the rule of the makeup focal point - either eyes or lips - always applies). 

Be one step ahead with good resolutions and give yourself perfect lips on NYE as well: start with the right base before applying the lipstick


NYE nail ideas: gem manicures

This NYE, make your nails luxurious too! If the aim is to shine, the rule applies to manicures as well: choose a metallic-effect nail polish and achieve super shimmery, professional-finish nail art in the blink of an eye.

1 Apply a nude nail polish to 4 out of 5 nails.

2 On the ring finger, apply a metallic nail polish (over the entire nail).

3 Now unleash your imagination! Once the nude nail polish is dry, complete your ring finger manicure by drawing crescent moons with a metallic nail polish on the other nails (to which you have already applied the nude nail polish at the beginning). Tired of the usual red nails for NYE? Now is the time to dare!

Fan of a flawless manicure? Discover our tips & tricks for applying your nail polish!

Get your makeup and your smartphone ready: take a photo of your favourite look and share it using the hashtag #kikotrendsetters: take centre stage in the world of KIKO MILANO.