Halloween is terrifyingly close and, as every year, we’re faced with the same dilemma:  what to dress up as?
If just the idea of hitting the shops or searching the internet for the perfect costume fills you with dread and dampens your party spirit, then don’t panic: discover three easy and super glamorous Halloween make-up ideas, created, naturally, by KIKO MILANO!

Want to enchant all and everyone at your party with a fairytale look? Transform yourself into a mesmerizing mermaid with your make-up or opt for a terrific look worthy of the wicked Maleficent. If instead you fancy a re-visited classic, discover how to create a vampiresque make-up look with a rock twist: which ever you choose, the result will surely be terrifying 



Audrey Torres

Barcelona-based make-up artist and integral part of the KIKO MILANO Employee's Crew

Beautiful, persuasive and bewitching are just some of the words that best describe mermaids, the exceptionally captivating mythological sea creatures and perennial protagonists of countless stories, novels, films and cartoons.

With her very own little mermaid look, our @auddrey91_ inspires with a highly recognizable and sweet version of mermaid make-up, which focuses on the eyes with a masterly mélange of eyeshadows and two essential accessories to complete the costume: a red wig and… a fork! If you want to transform yourself into the perfect queen of the abyss, then ready your brushes and follow our tutorial:)

Mermaid face make-up

For her base, Audrey has chosen our Smart Essential Face Palette 02, which is perfect for sculpting facial features and providing three-dimensionality. Start by defining your face shape and the sides of your nose with the bronzers, then use a brush to highlight your cheekbones with the darker blush shades and carefully blend outwards. It’s now time to apply your highlighter: choose an oil-powder shade such as our Glow Fusion Powder Highlighter 04, which is easy to apply and sure to make an impact.

Apply carefully to the upper cheekbones, chin and tip of your nose, the result will be super radiant... just like a mesmerizing mermaid fresh out of the water!

A play of contrasts for the eye make-up

To re-create this spectacular effect, you will need to play with colour contrasts using the matte eyeshadows in the Smart Cult Eyeshadow Palette 01.

To begin, apply a dark eyeshadow such as the charcoal gray chosen by Audrey to your mobile lid, then feel free to let your creativity run wild with the brighter colours: use a brush to apply the turquoise shade to the center of the lower lid and then apply the orange shade above the mobile lid, carefully blending upwards. 

It’s now time to define the shape of your eyes using a long-lasting and strictly black eyeliner, such as our Lasting Precision Automatic Eyeliner and Khôl 16, and intensify your gaze with falsies:  try our Natural False Eyelashes for a full yet lightweight effect. 
The finishing touch? Highlight the inner corner of the eyes and the outer corner of the eyebrow arch with an intense and radiant shade such as our dove-gray Water Eyeshadow (number 227).

Sculpt your brows!

Our mermaid make-up look calls for a beguiling and ultra-defined look:  Audrey has chosen a brow pencil such as our Eyebrow Sculpt Automatic Pencil to sculpt the brows and shape them like those of Manga comic heroines, by accentuating the curve.

A glossy finish for the lips

For this mermaid look, the lips must appear almost au naturel. In fact, Audrey has opted for the lightest and creamiest shades in our Smart Lip Palette Nude profusion:  choose the shade of pink that is most similar to your skin tone as a base, and then apply the lipgloss included in the palette for an ultra-glossy finish. 



Audrey Torres

Barcelona-based make-up artist and integral part of the KIKO MILANO Employee's Crew

@auddrey91_ has done it again with yet another look, this time getting her inspiration from one of the most feared characters of all time: here’s our Maleficent-inspired make-up look! This time, the transformation is a little more challenging but the result is truly mind-blowing

Bewitching Maleficent-inspired face make-up

For this look, the contouring is the most delicate phase, yet all you’ll need is the bronzer and highlighter from our Smart Contouring Palette 03 to achieve a flawless result! Apply the bronzer with the help of a brush and focus on the hollows of the cheeks and the sides of the nose, blending sufficiently to create a harmonious effect. You’ll then be able to accentuate the chin and tip of the nose thanks to the micro-pearls contained in our Glow Fusion Powder Highlighter 01. 

What's the trick to achieving this make-up base? Use our High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadow in the shade electric purple (number 55) as a blush on your cheekbones!

Exaggerated eye make-up!

For authentic Maleficent-inspired eye make-up, the choice of colour is essential, and our Bright Duo Baked Eyeshadow in shades black (colour 24) and purple (colour 12) are perfect for re-creating this look worthy of the mistress of shadows: the fact that these powders have been baked makes the texture both consistent and extremely creamy, and the pearly finish delivers a positively magnetic look. 

After applying the darker shades to the entire mobile lid, blend upwards... have no fear, on Halloween you're allowed to exaggerate! Afterwards, highlight the center of the lid and eyebrow arch with the pearly gray shade and follow the eye contour closely with a liquid eyeliner such as our Precision Eyeliner, which will remain perfect all night long!

Evil-look brows

Using our Precision Eyebrow Pencil 01, Audrey has given the brows a slightly arched shape that amplifies the ‘evil’ effect created by the overall make-up look and ensures a long-lasting hold. 

Fully matte lips!

A matte lipstick such as our Instant Colour Matte Liquid Lip Colour 15-11 in purple or charcoal gray is an absolute must-have for this look: the incredibly intense pigments will not go unnoticed!

Opt for a simple manicure

Now we all know that witches are highly sophisticated: this is why Audrey has chosen a nude nail polish such as our Smart Nail Lacquer 04, which softens the overall look whilst not diverting attention from the real star of the show, the face make-up. 



Just Rosh, Model and Beauty Blogger

When we think about Halloween, vampire-inspired make-up springs to mind for many of us, but @justrosh has created her own super-sexy and highly original version that focuses on the masterly use of lipstick… for bite-proof lips!

All you’ll need is a black tube dress and straight hair to transform yourself into a convincing vampire. Ready to be transformed? Follow the tutorial!

Rock vampire face make-up!

For her make-up base, Just Rosh has chosen a second-skin effect foundation: our Liquid Skin Second Skin Foundation, available in lighter shades, is ‘vampiresque’ whilst also ensuring a silky finish. Apply a few drops using your fingers and blend outwards with a traditional foundation brush. 

To sculpt the lower cheekbones, use an intensely pigmented powder blush such as our Smart Colour Blush 7: with just a few strokes, you’ll be able to ‘harden’ your features and make clear to all that you’re a vampire not to be messed with  

Extreme eye make-up

Alongside the lips, the eyes represent the more extreme elements of this modern vampire make-up look: a blend of cyan blue and jet-black merge to create a profound and utterly terrifying gaze

This is thanks to our High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadow (in colours 68, 15 and 36): the creamy texture makes application super easy and the overlapping layers of colour will remain intense and defined all night long. To begin, apply the black eyeshadow to the upper mobile lid and blend upwards, then fill in the central part with the blue using a brush to ensure precise application. 

Finally, accentuate the eye contour with an eyeliner such as our Lasting Precision Automatic Eyeliner and Khôl 16, by drawing a flick that extends beyond the outer corner of the eye. For the inner corner, Just Rosh has instead opted for a contrasting coral eyeshadow: scary enough for Halloween, huh?

Now for the brows, start with your tweezers!

As we saw with the Maleficent-inspired make-up, the eyebrows also play a vital role in our vampire look: you’ll find everything you need to define them in our Eyebrow Expert Palette - a kit comprising fixing wax, two shades of powder and accessories to shape, sculpt and make your brows appear fuller and more intense. 

To begin, refine the shape of the eyebrow arch with a pair of tweezers, fill in your brows with colour and, as the last step, complete the look with fixing spray: the colour will be more intense and will last all evening long!


Modern vampire lips

This vampire-inspired lip look seems impossible but it isn’t, trust us! 

In fact, all you need are a few products and a little dexterity: to begin, outline your lip contour using a lip pencil such as our Everlasting Colour Precision Lip Liner:  the papaya shade (number 408) will complement your eyeshadow and will have you looking decidedly vampiresque in no time! Blend outwards with a brush, concentrating on the sides of the mouth. So, what's next? Colour gets the green light! 

Apply a liquid lipstick such as our Instant Colour Matte Liquid Lip Colour in the shade charcoal gray (number 15) to the most external part of the lips, thanks to the liquid consistency, the colour glides on smudge-free! Allow to dry for a few seconds before filling in the inner part with our Metal Liquid Lip Colour in the shade Peacock green: you’ll only need one swipe for full, ultra-glossy colour. 

The high-coverage metallic finish minimizes the appearance of lip lines and will provide you with pearly highlights from dusk till dawn.


For an even more original costume, don't forget to check out our Mexican skull-inspired look: for make-up that gives you chills!

Now that we’ve resolved the great Halloween dilemma, there’s just one thing left to make clear: so, what will it be, trick or treat? Enjoy the spookiest night of the year with KIKO MILANO!

Make-up to hand and smartphones fully charged: take a photo of your look and share it using hashtag #kikotrendsetters: bag yourself a starring role in the KIKO MILANO world.

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