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Easy eyeshadow looks: tips and tutorial for beginners

Eyeshadows are a great makeup product to have fun with: bright colors, dark colors, matte or pearly finishes, shimmers… 
There are so many looks you can create by using your imagination! Ready?

If you are just now starting to use eyeshadows you may wonder how to apply the product to achieve the best result, which colors to use, and what tools you may need. You will find many brushes specifically made for applying eyeshadow, but you will only need a few to begin with.

Applying eyeshadow: the step-by-step guide


Before starting you may want to pull your hair back and away from your face so no product will accidentally get on it.

Use a primer before applying eyeshadow. You will create a smoother surface for the shadow application, and your makeup will last longer.

A flat eyeshadow brush is perfect to transfer the product from the palette onto your eyelid. Use the flat part of the brush and gently tap it on the eyelid until you reach the coverage you want.

Once you have applied color to your eyelid, use a blending brush to add depth to your eyes. Tap the blending brush onto a darker shade of the color you used on your lid, and lightly press it in the eye crease.

To make your eyes pop, you use the same color that you used in your crease on your lower lash line. You may want to use a flatter and slightly rounder brush to help follow the shape of your eye, like a shader brush for a perfect application. 

If you want to add a glimmering detail to your look, add a shimmer eyeshadow close to your tear duct. For a more precise application, use a thin eyeliner brush. 

For a full and fashionable look, try using the same color lipstick on your lips.

Colorful eyeshadow looks


Sometimes it is hard to choose which colors to use for a colorful eyeshadow look. 

Start thinking about what you want to mimic: sunset, nature, starry night, etc. Once you have that in mind you can go ahead and select your colors. 

●    Sunset
For this look, you will want to use different and high pigmented shades of red, orange, yellow, and just a touch of black
Mentally divide your eyelid and crease into 3 sections and start adding color from the inner corner of your eye using the lightest of the colors you chose like a warm yellow, follow with orange and finish with the dark red. Start blending and add a touch of black on the outer corner of your eye for dimension.

●    Nature
For this look, you can only use one color, green
The many tones and shades of green that you will find in a palette will make it easy to create a fresh look. 
Add a light green shade to your lid and a darker one in your crease and on the outer corner of your eye. Softly blend together and add a light green shimmer eyeshadow or green glitter on your lid for a sparkling look. 

●    Starry night
A great way to create this effect is to choose navy blues, slightly lighter blues with a metallic finish, and silver glitter eyeliner.
Add the darker blue in your crease and on the outer corner of your eye and blend. Proceed by adding a metallic blue on your lid and on your lower lash line and finish by using silver eyeliner that will give you gorgeous eyes!

Simple and easy eyeshadow looks: the best ideas


One of the most common trends includes smokey eyes. Dark tones, especially browns, greys, and black make for a great smokey eye. KIKO MILANO’s smart eyeshadow palette will give you all of these colors to create the perfect makeup.

Another beauty trend is the cut crease eyeshadow. Get this look by using a darker tone in your eye crease and then add concealer or foundation to give it that “cut” look before adding a nude color to your eyelid.

A sharp edge eyeshadow look is another common trend. If you are trying it out for the first time, you may want to use a liner or tape to achieve this look. 

Eyeshadow looks for blue eyes

If you have blue eyes and wish to create a look that will make them pop, you should choose darker colors, this way your eyes will surely be highlighted.

Brown is a color that should definitely be in your eyeshadow palette. With its many shades, it can help you achieve different looks, from a more natural one to a shimmering one.

If you want a bolder look, black and grey will make your eyes stand out; a tip: try using these colors to create a dramatic smokey eye.

Eyeshadow looks for brown eyes

Brown eyes are perfect to experiment with different colors since most of them complement this eye color.

Nudes, browns, gold shades are great to create a natural look that will give your eyes a shiny effect. If you top it off with liquid black eyeliner and mascara, your eyes will surely stand out.
These colors will also make for a soft smokey eye, great for many occasions.

Another good way to compliment your brown eyes is to use green, blue, or bronze tones, which will draw attention to some of the color shades in your brown eyes.

Eyeshadow looks for green eyes

If you have green eyes you may have noticed that they also have a few shades of gold in them. 
Using gold or bronze is a great way to make your eyes pop, especially if you are using shimmer eyeshadow! Blend it well for a soft everyday look.

Try using a small pointed brush and follow your lower lash line with a gold-tone to add a small but catchy detail.

If you like playing with colors, you may want to try dark shades of purple and green, this way you are not only adding depth to your eyes, but the green in them will surely pop!

Have fun using eyeshadows! These products are a great way to express your creativity: all the different colors and finishes are perfect for trying out different styles, whether you want a natural and elegant look for a day at work or a fun and colorful look for a night out.