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Trees and nature brim with all the brown and orange shades of the hottest season of the year (in terms of colour at least): autumn. To get your perfect autumn look, take inspiration from nature’s palette that surrounds you. Give your eyes a smokey brown look, your lips a velvet matte appearance and your nails all the colours of the earth!



Regardless of current trends, you can’t go wrong if you choose hues ranging from brown to olive green and orange, with a touch of shine from bronze and gold (and why not aubergine or a hint of blue as well?).

Why? Because brown is ALWAYS right! It doesn’t matter whether you have brown, green or blue eyes: brown will give any eye colour depth and warm up your eyes. It’s also a softer alternative to classic black, for example for a bolder daytime look.



Autumn is the time for base makeup to shine, making foundation the mainstay of any look. Whatever makeup you choose and apply, start with a base that:
- produces a flawlessness natural effect;
- is long-lasting;
- camouflages discolourations and blemishes.

Choosing the right foundation is no easy task at times because there are so many factors to consider. These include your skin type and tone as well as the format, texture and performance of the various products available. Here’s our mini guide to choosing the perfect base:
1.      Choose a texture that matches your skin type. Generally speaking: 
- liquid foundation if your skin is normally dry;
- compact foundation if your skin is normally greasy;
2.      Find your perfect shade. Test it on your jawline rather than your wrist and gently blend it outwards. If the product appears to vanish and blend in perfectly with your skin, you’ve found the right colour for you.
3.      Use the right applicator. A dedicated brush, sponge or blender are tools you can count on to apply any foundation evenly without the risk of creating a patchy appearance on your face.



By now, smokey eyes are hugely fashionable, with lots of possible variants and adjustments to match various outfits. For autumn makeup that’s sure to make an impact, select two or a maximum of three eyeshadows of the same colour but with different intensities and combine them with a smokey eye pencil to define your eye contours. Use a nude eyeshadow as a base and a brown, purple or burgundy eyeshadow as a strong colour for blending.

Here are the 5 main steps to creating smokey eyes: 

1. Apply the lightest colour eyeshadow along the entire length of your eyelid
2. Apply the darkest colour to the inner and outer corners of your eye using a dedicated eye brush and blend thoroughly
3. Line your upper and lower lash lines with a smokey eye pencil and gently blend 
4. Colour the inside of your lash line with kajal (select a colour that matches the eyeshadow)
5. Apply mascara and enjoy the result!

If you have hazel eyes, try to reverse smokey eyes! Find out what this is and how to achieve it in our article on makeup for brown eyes.




A timeless classic: full, opaque lips in the spotlight.
Look no further than a long-lasting lipstick with a comfortable texture that puts your lips centre stage without the need for touch-ups. Creamy, radiant lipsticks provide a glamorous and super-fashionable alternative to the classic, dark red, matte lipstick. They dress lips with subtle reflections and are easy to apply and... wear! Why not go for a brown lipstick to match your lips to the rest of your colour choices? By now there are lots of brown lipsticks around, with numerous finishes to choose from.

Do you want perfect lips but don’t know how to get them? Start with a gentle scrub before reaching for the lippy!



Wear all the heat of autumn on your nails with an autumnal manicure to complete your look.

There’s no limit to the colours and finishes you can put on your nails. Mud-coloured nails, for example, have now become a must-have and are an excellent alternative to the classic nude nail shades. Dark colours in autumn guarantee a sophisticated and elegant effect and are ideal for an autumnal manicure. Try our brown nail polishes, which range from chocolate and prune to metal and glitter shades. 

And finally, don't forget the golden rule: all you need to make your nail polish shiny and long-lasting is a good top coat in any shade you like.

So now you know all the secrets of a flawless DIY manicure (remember, always start by filing your nails well).

Get your makeup and your phone ready: take a photo of your look and share it using the hashtag #kikotrendsetters: take centre stage in the world of KIKO MILANO.