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Eyeshadow brush with natural fibers

eyes 52 powder shader brush

20 reviews
Special Offer  

Eyeshadow brush with natural fibers

eyes 52 powder shader brush

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20 reviews

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Eyeshadow brush for applying and blending pressed, baked and loose eyeshadows. Also ideal also for creating a bright eye base.

The natural fibers feel wonderful on the skin. It’s simple to apply the product for a precise, even look. The texture glides on effortlessly. The dense bristle and slightly rounded tip allow you to brush on the product with the utmost precision. 

The brush's matte black handle gives this elegant tool a modern and professional look, whereas the ferrule with its gunmetal finish and engraved KK monogram adds a classy touch. The handle’s ergonomic, oval shape makes it easy to grip for a controlled application. 

The brush allows you to create a bright eye base and to apply and blend light and dark eyeshadows with instantly intense results. Your eye make-up will be flawless. 

The brush can be used to create graphic or blended looks, even in very dark shades. Apply the product using the flat side of the brush. Blend with the tip of the brush.

Clean the brush with the KIKO Brush Cleanser and let it dry in a horizontal position.

These bristles are especially suitable for applying loose and pressed powders.

The bristles' unique structure, a smooth center with a scaly shaft, efficiently collect the product and gradually release it evenly on the face and eyes for a professional-quality look.



Je suis tellement ravie il est précis j’adore



Je suis tellement ravie il est précis j’adore


Очень люблю эту кисть!

Отличная кисть! Наношу тени сухие и мокрым способом. У кисти удобная ручка, пушистый ворс. Работать ей одно удовольствие!


Très bon pinceau pour les paupières

Ce pinceau est très pratique



Me encanta la textura k tiene



Molto buono


Me encanta

Delinea la sombra a la perfección


buon pennello

E' uno dei pennelli che uso di più. Le setole sono morbide e permette di sfumare facilmente l'ombretto.


Muy práctico

Me gusta esta brocha porque me permite aplicar las sombras delineando las pestañas con precisión y un aspecto difuminado dando un toque muy sutil al ojo.


About brushes

Kiko brushes are super good. I already bought some.. I'm happy to use them everytime :)



Ottimo pennello, setole di qualità, impugnatura comoda

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Eyes 52 Powder Shader Brush