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get 2 free nail polishes

Put your (flawless) hands in the air for the new exclusive online offer from KIKO MILANO.

Want to know how it works? There’s nothing simpler just follow the steps!

1) Put 1 product of your choice in the shopping cart from:

- Small Pochette

- Nail Polish Drying Drops

- New Fast & Easy Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover

- Skin Tone Foundation

2) Choose (and add to your shopping cart) 2 nail varnishes from:

- Nail Lacquer in available colours

- Glossy Nail Lacquer

- Quick Dry Nail Lacquer

3) At the checkout the price will update automatically and the 2 nail lacquers will be free (yes, you’ve read that right, we’ll gift them to you!) Yeah :)

Start shopping now, you don’t want products to sell out!

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