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1 - Remove the eyeshadow from the single-shade compact by sticking a paperclip in the hole in the back of the case.

2 – Insert the eyeshadow into the empty palette. The magnet on the bottom the eyeshadow attaches to the magnets on the palette.

3 - The same palette can be used for endless colour combinations. Just remove any colours that you do not want in the palette, storing them in the original single-shade compacts.


Eyebrow Expert Palette

Ideal for perfect eyebrows on every occasion..

Prime & fix refreshing mist

Multi purpose..

Colour Kajal

Make your eyes centre stage..

Smart Essential Face Palette

The new palette for perfect..

Mini Nail Lacquer

Mini size, maxi manicure..

Smart Concealer Palette

6 concealers in a single product