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Merry metal

Obsessed with the metal finish?
Discover our selection of shimmering products!

  • 81 reviews
    6 Tone
    01 Rosy Nude
    Metallic high-coverage liquid lipstick
    01 Rosy Nude
    SEK 105.00

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  • 621 reviews
    22 Tone
    200 Champagne
    Instant colour eyeshadow, for wet and dry use.
    200 Champagne
    SEK 105.00

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  • 74 reviews
    8 Tone
    01 Champagne
    Long-lasting (8 hours*) cream eyeshadow
    01 Champagne
    SEK 85.00

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  • 88 reviews
    2 Tone
    100 Gold
    SEK 119.00

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Mini Nail Lacquer

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6 concealers in a single product