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Flawless, luminous finish

Second skin feel with sensorial textures

Discover the essential products behind a perfect makeup routine.

- Blendable and easy to layer formulas
- Simple to apply, lightweight textures
- Makeup for a radiant and natural look
- Incredible feeling of comfort application after application

  • 324 reviews
    17 Tone
    Cool Rose 15
    Liquid foundation with a second skin effect
    Cool Rose 15
    SEK 225.00

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  • 101 reviews

    Brightening and perfecting face base that revitalizes the complexion with a fine sheen

    SEK 155.00

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  • 62 reviews

    Setting, concealing baked powder in four colours

    SEK 165.00

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  • 165 reviews
    6 Tone
    01 Avory
    Mineral baked powder with a luminous finish
    01 Avory
    SEK 155.00

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  • 121 reviews
    6 Tone
    01 Natural Tan
    Bronzer for an even-looking complexion
    01 Natural Tan
    SEK 129.00

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  • 18 reviews

    Specific puff applicator for powders

    SEK 59.00

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  • 40 reviews

    Wide, tapered brush with synthetic fibers for applying face powders

    SEK 199.00

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  • 22 reviews

    Precision powder brush with synthetic fibers

    SEK 199.00

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