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Dark Treasure

*Promo valid until September, the 16th

Energy can turn charcoal into diamonds.

From the purifying properties of charcoal to the infinite shine and sparkle of a diamond: enhance every facet of your beauty with powerful Dark Treasure.
Discover the fall limited edition collection from KIKO MILANO, with a line of exclusive skincare and makeup products made to purify and brighten your face. 


Treat yourself to:

Radiance and purity for your skin

High-performing formulas infused with charcoal and diamond dust

Metallic finishes and kaleidoscopic reflections

♦ Innovative, professional and versatile products




Eyebrow Expert Palette

Ideal for perfect eyebrows on every occasion..

Prime & fix refreshing mist

Multi purpose..

Colour Kajal

Make your eyes centre stage..

Smart Essential Face Palette

The new palette for perfect..

Mini Nail Lacquer

Mini size, maxi manicure..

Smart Concealer Palette

6 concealers in a single product