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 Neon effect make-up with pop colours. A fun, high-performance make-up. Energy, dynamism and irony.

Introducing Active Fluo, the third KIKO MILANO capsule collection, created by fashion designer Arthur Arbesser. The designer has created a unique collection that combines bold graphic motifs, patterns and colours with clean, minimalist shapes.

The make-up is vibrant and the fluo colours brimming with energy, for looks that steal the show. The passion, energy and technical performance inherent in sports are revived in specific products designed to maximize make-up hold. Comfort is at all times a must.

In addition to designing the Active Fluo product packaging, Arthur Arbesser has also designed a playful, summery pochette and a handy smartphone holder to take with you while playing sports. 

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And as with any important birthday, the celebrations wouldn't be complete without a jewel to mark the occasion. How do you get one? It's easy! Buy 3 products from the Active Fluo collection and receive 1 FREE bracelet and 1 FREE charm*.

*While stock last.

Arthur Arbesser

Active Fluo was created by fashion designer Arthur Arbesser. We put a few questions to the designer to discover more about him and his partnership with KIKO, and you can read his answers below: 

Why did you choose to join forces with KIKO?
It was a new and fun way of learning about the world of make-up, (which I personally knew very little about) From where did you draw your inspiration when creating the KIKO collection?
The graphic work of two of my most important points of reference: the Superstudio and Memphis architecture firms.

How would you describe the style of your brand and how have you incorporated it into the design?
I love combining graphic motifs, patterns, geometries and bold colours with clean, simple lines: all these aspects are reflected in my collection for KIKO.

Did you take part in Fashion Week this year? If so, where and when?
Yes, on February 26th last, in Milan.

Can you tell us about your contribution to the collection? What exactly did you do?
I tried to create a dynamic packaging that would reflect the products.

Why did you choose to work with KIKO? What inspired you? What challenges did you encounter when faced with the task of developing the capsule collection?
It wasn't so much a challenge as a fun undertaking and a great new experience.

In what markets do you sell your products?
USA, Europe and Korea