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Frequently Asked Questions

Samples, Gifts and Catalogs

  • I would like to receive samples of KIKO products at home. Is that possible?

    We're sorry, but we do not send product samples upon request. Free samples are given only within our stores, based on availability. Or together with an online order when part of specific promotional offers. Furthermore, you can try our entire colour range and face and body treatments at our stores.
  • Is there a KIKO catalog?

    We're sorry, but KIKO does not publish catalogs of its products. You can always find an updated list of KIKO´s range directly on our website with product images, detailed descriptions, usage instructions and colours available.

  • I placed a large order. Am I entitled to discounts/samples/gifts?

    KIKO does not send samples or gifts based on the order amount, except as part of specific offers or events. To have access to the promotions dedicated to our most loyal customers, we recommend that you always carry out your purchases through your personal MyKIKO account.