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The status of my shipment reads “delivered” but I have not received anything; how is that possible?

The majority of orders are delivered on time and without delay; however, sometimes the shipping status may read “delivered” when you have not actually received your parcel. In some cases, the courier charged with delivering your parcel will be able to provide further information on the shipping status. 

How can I contact the courier?

If the tracking information indicates that the parcel has been delivered and you have not actually received it:

  • If other people live with you at the same address, check that they have not taken receipt of the parcel or refused the delivery.
  • If you live in an apartment block with a concierge service, check that the person in charge has not taken receipt of the parcel.
  • Check that a card notifying the attempted delivery of your shipment has not been left in your letterbox. Follow the instructions on the card for further information on collection methods or additional delivery attempts.

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