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Lasting Eyebrow Gel

Long-lasting eyebrow gel

01 Light Blonde

01 Light Blonde


    Long-lasting eyebrow gel.

    This long-lasting (8 hours*) gel is the ideal product for shaping, replenishing and defining the eyebrows all day long. Its ultra-light texture is rich in pigments, which provides an intense colour release. Perfect for any occasion and every look, it is buildable and ideal for creating eyebrow looks that range from natural to bold and sophisticated.

    It adheres perfectly and does not fade over time: an all-in-one water-resistant* and no-transfer* product. The colour does not lose intensity over time and does not run.

    Available in six different colours suitable for all eyebrow shades.

    *Clinical and instrumental test on 20 women


    Shaped, defined and long-lasting fuller eyebrows, for a look that can be customised, from natural to sophisticated.


    For an inimitable eye look, use in combination with Colour Lasting Creamy Eyeshadows. Use with Perfect Eyes Duo Highlighter Pencil or Eyebrow Designer is also recommended.

    For ever-perfect eyebrows, use the specific brushes Eyes 64 Brow Comb Brush (to comb and tame unruly brows), Eyes 62 Slanted Eyeliner Brush (to shape and replenish the brows) and Eyes 65 Lash Brush (as a final touch, to comb the brows).

  • PACK

    Shaped and compact, the new packaging with a body of transparent glass and hermetically sealed black capsule, with the KK monogram branded on the top, stands out with its functionality and elegance, which it shares with the Colour Lasting Creamy Eyeshadows.


    Unlike the usual self-assessment tests on the duration of a product, which rely on the subjective interpretations and perceptions of the volunteers, with numbers that aren't always statistically significant, the KIKO long-lasting test is an instrumental test, conducted in vivo, on a sample of 20 women aged between 18 and 60 years.


    The product for which the duration is being tested is applied in a clinical laboratory, in the presence of a trained technician, who shows the volunteer how to apply the product, as indicated by the KIKO developers and makeup artists.

    Application then takes place under normal conditions of use, on the product’s actual area of use (for example, an eyeliner will be applied to the eyelid, a lipstick will be applied directly to the lips). 

    At time zero, that is to say immediately after the first application, colour surveys are taken, using a standardised and calibrated high-resolution tool, which captures images of the face.

    At this point, the volunteer returns to her own home and continues her normal daily activities, simulating the natural use of the product. After four, eight and ten hours, the volunteer returns to the laboratory where measurements of the colour intensity are taken, using the same tool that was used for the first test at time zero. 


    At the end of the test, the data obtained from each reading are developed to quantify, as a percentage, the hold of the colour for the different survey times, in comparison to time zero.  

    The percentage values achieved are translated according to the following table: 



    A result of “GOOD LONG-LASTING COLOUR” (or a maximum discolouration of 20%) eight hours AFTER application of the product allows usage of the claim “long-lasting”.


    The objectivity of the result obtained thanks to this type of test is guaranteed by the use of technologies that take the measurements in standardised conditions, without the risk of subjective influences and personal perceptions. Thanks to the method and the scientific approach, the result is highly reliable, accurate and repeatable.


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  1. 24/08/2018


    Produit magique

    J’adore ce produit, il crée de beaux sourcils fournils et bien dessinés. J’en reccomande.
  2. 06/08/2018



    Io ho pochissime sopracciglia e con le matite riesco a disegnarle ma durano poco, soprattutto con il caldo. Questo gel pomata invece è a lunga durata e si riesce sia a disegnarle definite che a renderle a effetto naturale con l'ausilio del pennello e facendo piccoli tratti obliqui. Finalmente non devo preoccuparmi di ritrovarmi senza sopracciglia dopo qualche ora...
  3. 04/08/2018



    Davvero un ottimo prodotto, io ho acquistato il colore più chiaro.. non si trova purtroppo in tutti i punti vendita.. lo sto utilizzando moltissimo
  4. 04/08/2018


    Génial !!

    Depuis le temps que je cherchais un produit au rendu naturel, mais qui permette de bien travailler le sourcil, qui tienne toute la journée et ne s’efface pas à la moindre occasion.. il est génial !! Facile à appliquer, naturel, tient très bien, même en frottant il ne part pas. Et la cerise sur le gâteau: testé en piscine, verdict: très belle surprise, il tient super bien. Il ne me quittera plus!
  5. 04/08/2018



    ottimo prodotto per sopracciglia! lo consiglio a tutti ed è super facile da applicare
  6. 26/07/2018


    Una piacevole sorpresa!

    Sono rimasta piacevolmente stupita da questo gel per sopracciglia: ha una buona durata e anche se è cremoso non cola e non cede durante il giornata, specialmente in questi giorni molto caldi. Lo uso in combinazione con la matita per ridisegnarle e mai scelta fu più azzeccata. Suggerisco comunque uno scarico del prodotto una volta che lo si ha prelevato col pennellino, per evitare di applicarne più del dovuto ed ottenere un pessimo effetto. Ho la tonalità nr. 3.
  7. 30/06/2018



    non cola, regge anche il caldo dell'estate! Ottimo , lo consiglio!
  8. 29/06/2018


    N'hésitez pas, foncez!

    Etant obsédée par le dessin des sourcils et tout les produits dérivés, je suis tombé amoureuse de ce produit! Vaut très largement la pommade de ABH, à un prix beaucoup plus raisonnable pour autant de qualité/résultat satisfaisant! Depuis que je l'ai, je termine mon geste avec le mascara à sourcils EYEBROW FIBERS COLOURED MASCARA et mes poils sont étoffés façon wild comme j'aime et tiennent plus lontemps/sont plus épais! J'en rachèterai pour sûr!!
  9. 16/05/2018



    Idéal, dessin parfait...
  10. 04/05/2018


    It is awesome

    Bought this 10days ago, would not go back to other eyebrow pencil or other brands! got very oily skin, my brows always rub off or disappear very easily. But this one stayed in place for whole day and look very natural with 04 chocolate. Would buy again soon as i love it so much just in case they stop selling them. Although this jar should last at least 2 mths, just hope it doesn't dry out before it run out.
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